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A watch for any lifestyle

A palmier watch is many watches in one. Our bands are interchangeable with our metal cases. Redefine your style every day without breaking your bank account

Who we are

We are a revolutionary women's watch Brand from Seville (Spain) that is disrupting the out-of-date model that still dominates the watch market.

Palmier is a new kind of watch aimed to give its owner unprecedented freedom in her choice of accessory and comfort.

Our cloth bands are interchangeable with our metal cases and tie around any wrist, liberating you from the drab trappings of traditional watch straps and welcoming you to the Palmier family.

Why Palmier?

Never before has such innovation been accompanied by such style.

With bands to match any outfit and season, Palmier watches never go out of style, because they are constantly changing to reflect the fashion of the moment.

Palmier statement and vision

We are committed to diversity and inclusion and as such our products are to be enjoyed by individuals regardless of gender identity.

We believe that each style is unique and different, which is why our products break barriers and adjust to any lifestyle

Palmier beliefs

  • Transparency is an essential part of any business. Palmier was founded on integrity and credibility.
  • Quality is our chief objective; to offer the best product at the best price.
  • Our products have been crafted with the consumer always in mind, reviewing every step of the design and manufacturing process so that the experience is always satisfactory.

Which Palmier Defines your Style?

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